Get to Know Me

Here’s a few simple facts about me, from the non-business side of my life.

I LOVE being a Dad.

I’m so thankful to be married to my amazing wife.

It’s that simple.

Everything I do and every decision I make ensures family is a priority.

I think fathering is becoming a lost art these days, so I take the responsibility of being a father very seriously.

I’m an avid lover of fireworks, and in addition to my home made fireballs, I like to put together small pyro-musicals for the neighborhood each year.

Fireworks are a pretty big thing here, and I can’t help but share my childhood joy with my own children.

I come alive when I’m outdoors.

I feel a sense of peace and fullness when enjoying God’s creation outdoors. Bird and tree identification have become small hobbies of mine.

In the area where I live, the changing of seasons that come every year are a welcome change.

Whether trekking through a forest or enjoying the wide open plain, the diverse nature of the outdoors brings a level of excitement to life that is just unexplainable.