Dustin Fluke

I make tech products painless by coaching customers through their unique challenges and troubleshooting problems when they arise.

I have a passion for helping people use online products and services to do awesome things.

Technology doesn’t have to be difficult, and my goal is to make sure that customers have a positive experience and that they can move forward with new knowledge and confidence.

Experienced Troubleshooter and Problem Solver

I’m naturally able to break down, research, and solve problems quickly and efficiently through personal experience, written manuals, Internet research, and collaboration with others.

Studying the parts of a whole system is a natural process for me which allows for deeper analytical thinking when troubleshooting problems and issues.


Patient Listener and Teacher

Patience and being an active listener makes problem resolution happen faster and with less reoccurrence.

It demonstrates kindness and compassion toward the other person, which makes them feel important and respected, and will lead to a positive customer service experience. 

Incorporating a teaching and coaching emphasis to support is a win-win.


Communication and Writing

Ability to take complex concepts and problems, break them down, and explain in a manner that isn’t technical and flows in a conversational manner.

Experience working with small business owners, teachers, educational staff/administrators, and by writing technical documentation provides a solid foundation of experience to draw from when working with others and assisting clients/customers.

Dustin was a very conscientious and dedicated employee.  If I assigned Dustin a task or project I did not have to worry about him completing the task.  I always knew it would be completed on time and to the best of his ability.  Dustin has very good communication skills both written and verbal.  He also displays great customer service. Dustin’s personality interacts well with all types of people in all types of situations.

Donald Williams

Virtual College Coordinator, Washburn Institute of Technology

I worked with Dustin at Mediaphormedia; I was a designer / front-end developer at the time and I worked directly with Dustin on a number of occasions. He was a pleasure to work with. He had a unique sense of when to promise the client realistic fixes and improvements, and on the other hand when to provide alternate solutions, better documentation, or a simple “not currently possible.” I recall one particular incident where the customer needed a solution to a problem when we were short-staffed. Dustin did as much legwork as possible — beyond the normal scope of his responsibilities — and came to me with what he saw as the problems and possible solutions, and we worked together for me to squeeze in the few parts that were not possible for him, and he handled everything else. He would be a benefit to any software team communicating with clients.

Ben Spaulding

Development Manager, Lionbridge OnDemand

I have worked with Dustin for several years now…Dustin worked very closely with me in a technology support role at Auburn Washburn. He was always very patient and polite when assisting me with technology issues. He was very pleasant and helpful and was very good at troubleshooting issues that came up.

He is now the webmaster for my store. He has built an awesome site for us and continues to improve the quality and look that our store needs to attract customers. Dustin continues to impress me with his ability to balance his professional life and family life. He would be a wonderful asset to any business.

Jill Beam

Technology Support Coach / Small Business Owner, Auburn-Washburn USD 437 & Bedsprings and Burlap

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